Seasonal or Summer Annual Programs
and give your yard a well maintained look.  Blade Runners designs the pots or bed areas
you decide and installs either for summer only arrangements that last up until fall, or our
seasonal programs that change out the pots of bed areas at each change of the season.

  1. Spring (Early April- cooler weather annuals-pansy, viola, etc.)
  2. Summer (May 15th)
  3. Harvest (October 1 thru November 30th- Mums, Kale, etc.)
  4. Holiday/ Winter (Dec.1st thru Early April- Once the Holidays are over Red, Sliver/ Gold
    themes get changed to  Winter theme of Blue, Sliver and White, only greenery remains
    in tack for both)
Spring Potted Annuals
Spring, Summer or Fall Blooming Bulbs
Bulbs are easily maintained flowers that are reliable year after
year.  Blade Runners can design beds with bulbs  to bloom
throughout the season or certain locations for a WOW spring,
summer or fall color display.   

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