Core Aeration
Is necessary to develop healthy roots by loosening compacted soil allowing air flow to the roots of the lawn. It
also allows water to pool in these wells, getting direct water to the roots of the grass to reduce the amount of
sprinkler time needed.  Blade Runners’ aeration program is completed at the beginning of the season during
spring clean-ups, and at the end of the season in during fall clean-ups.
Fertilization/ Weed Control
Fertilization is more important than just weed control.  A strong deep-green lawn will
choke out weeds and inhibit weed growth and seed transfer.  Lawns without proper
nutrition can cross transfer seeds and can promote weed growth.  Blade Runners
recommends five applications during the landscaping season- both granular and liquid.
Is the Is tightly intermingled layer of partially decomposed stems and roots of grass growing between the
actively growing grass and the top of the soil.  This is normal of a healthy lawn, and helps retain moisture.  It
creates a "blanket" to protect the roots and promotes a thick, strong turf.  If excessive thickness occurs, turf
will have slow growth

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When you choose All Season Blade Runners, Inc., you're hiring a team of certified experts who understand what it
takes to produce the healthiest lawns.  Locally owned and operated, we understand our soils, grass types, and
weather conditions.  We continually research the latest products and techniques, utilizing only the best and safest
for our programs.

Only the highest-quality materials are used, including granular natural mineral and organic fertilizers.  Each of our
lawn application visits are tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual lawn.  These customized visits ensure
that every lawn has what it needs to reach its optimum potential.

Our lawn technicians are professionals who are committed to providing you with the highest level of personalized
service and results in the industry.  Commercial properties and residential homeowners have relied on our
individualized approach to lawn care.  Put your trust in All Season Blade Runners, and we'll create a lawn that's the
envy of your neighborhood.
Turf Care
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